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6 Instagram Advertising Tips for Fitness Studios

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If you want to promote your fitness studio and reach millennials, Instagram is an extremely Jordan Phone Number List engaging platform to explore. With 500 million daily active users already accessing the mobile app to create and share various images from their daily lives, Instagram is also emerging as a popular marketing destination for small businesses. This is especially true for health and fitness companies, as most Instagrammers actively post on topics related to health and wellness. So, if you are a fitness business owner and want to learn more about using Instagram advertising for business,

write down the following 6 tips to get great results. Make sure your business details are Jordan Phone Number List mentioned accurately Follow profiles and influencers related to fitness Tap the right hashtags Use the amazing features of Instagram Types of fitness posts you can share Interact with your followers 1) Make sure your business details are mentioned accurately Before you start with Instagram advertising for your business, it is very important to make sure that your business page is on point. Your page should be well equipped with up-to-date business information, such as company name, location, email address, website, profile picture, company description, etc.

Your potential customers will first refer to this information before contacting you. If they Jordan Phone Number List don't have your updated phone number, what will they call you? Instagram advertising 2) Follow profiles and influencers related to fitness To be on top of the latest digital trends, it's important that you follow other fitness pages or companies on Instagram. Keep a close eye on the type of posts they share with their followers, track the response those posts receive, and be inspired by them to create posts about your own business. It will also help you connect with the fitness community on Instagram and build great relationships with business influencers. 3) Tap the right hashtags If you want to be popular on Instagram,

you need to be successful at the hashtag game. Hundreds and thousands of fitness-related hashtags are trending on Instagram. Using the relevant hashtags with your Instagram posts will make your content more visible and help keep it trending as well. Try researching popular fitness-related hashtags on Instagram and note how many people are using those hashtags before choosing them for your posts. Tip: Try searching for keywords like #fitness, #workout, #training, #weightloss and others to add more fire to your Instagram posts. 4) Use the amazing features of Instagram The best part about Instagram is that it has so many cool features! This gives you the choice of creating different types of Instagram posts,

each with their own appeal. Currently, Instagram Stories, which are short images or videos with a lifespan of 24 hours, are very popular among users. Almost 300 million users use this feature daily! To make your stories more fun, you can either create a boomerang to play a video clip back and forth , rewind reverse video , or live zoom to an object with super zoom for your video stories. Have you ever wondered how to go live on Instagram? Instagram live is what everyone is talking about! It is a built-in feature of Instagram Stories,

which allows you to share live videos with your followers in public or private. It's very easy to go live on Instagram - just swipe directly from your Instagram feed to Jordan Phone Number List activate your phone's camera and tap on the “start live video” option. So, besides sharing photos and videos, don't forget to use Instagram Stories to create and share more exciting content with your followers. 5) Types of Fitness Posts You Can Share When it comes to the different types of content you can create and share on your fitness studio's Instagram page,

there are plenty of amazing ideas to choose from. Share fitness videos: Start sharing videos and photos of clients working out in your gym. Try to get creative with these posts and you will see how they can help you gain new Instagram followers! Posts about your coaches: Share photos or videos to showcase your coaches. When potential clients have access to information about your qualified trainers, it will inspire them to take an interest in your gym and contact you. Post before and after images: There is no better testimonial than a before and after photo of clients who have truly benefited from joining your fitness studio. Share a comparative picture of them and write about their success story.

Remember to tag them on your posts and ask for their permission before doing so. This will be a great motivation for your potential clients and could easily convince them to choose you as their fitness partner. Motivational Posts: Instagram users love to see fitness inspiration posts! Try sharing a post with a thoughtful quote and image that entices users to crawl out of bed and hit the gym. Informational Posts: Another great form of content is creating helpful health and fitness tips with your followers. The