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Measuring social media marketing will lead to success

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Defining the processes to measure social media marketing will help you make decisions about your campaigns, understand if your goals are being met, and know if all this media activism is paying off. It will also help you justify more budget by having the indicators to support it.We share 10 practices that will help you measure social media marketing, compare it against your goals and know if it works and if it works.Choose your own goalAs the saying goes: “if you don't know where you are going, Buy Email List you will never know if you have arrived”. The objectives of social media marketing must be aligned with the objectives of the company.

For example, accompany me through this process:Sales needs to achieve $ 1 million in revenue per monthWe know that the average ticket per customer per month is $ 50 thousandSo we need 20 specific clients per month.We know that for a customer to buy from us, we need to serve 5 times as many prospects.So to sell to 20 customers we need 100 prospects with first and last names.We know that the conversion rate of Our campaigns on social networks is 0.7%So to have 100 prospects, I need to reach 14,286 potential social media stakeholders.

We also know that we have a 1% engagement rate on social media, so I need to impact 1,428,571 people from my well-targeted audience.Ready! Now, put together a campaign on social networks that can impact 1,428,571 people from your profiled audience on social networks and you will have aligned the objective of social networks with the objective of sales.Measure the valuableAs an entrepreneur, you must align the objectives of your business with the metrics of your digital marketing campaigns.For network marketing, the fact that you can measure something does not mean that it is valuable, you just have to follow and measure what is really important for your brand and aligned with the objectives of your company.

If you are an entrepreneur, remember that there are metrics that don't tell you anything. The important thing is: market share, prospects, clients, visits, contacts, forms, sales.1. To measure social media marketing, create a dashboardmeasure social media marketingOne of the challenges when measuring social networks is that data comes from everywhere. Start right from the beginning and create a dashboard, if you don't know how to do it, hire someone to do it for you. If you are going to measure, measure well. Compile all the data in a dashboard to facilitate the visualization and to be able to make better decisions. Having everything in one place ensures that no data will be lost and everything can be correlated. Do not make graphs by hand and avoid capturing data by hand as each manual intervention is a source of possible error.2. Beyond vanity metricsIt is food for the ego to measure your growing number of fans, followers and subscribers. Views, likes, shares, and tweets are clear indications that your audience likes you. But to measure ROI on social mediaAsk yourself: Do Facebook Likes generate complete web forms? Do followers on Instagram become prospects? Is Twitter useful to me? Follow your performance analytics closely.

If you are a government official or politician, please forget about the likes or get overwhelmed because your opponent has more than you, they are available in Pakistan for a few dollars! When measuring social media marketing, you must have the responsibility to measure what is right, what matters, what is associated with results, not what fuels vanity.3. If you want to measure ROI, you need transparencyIn order to measure the return on investment of a social media campaign, you must be able to make your sales figures transparent and, desirably, your contribution figures, in this way you can contrast what you spent against what you entered. Many entrepreneurs do not like to be transparent about their figures and this makes the ROI formula incalculable.If you are open to making this information transparent, then now, you have to implement all the controls to be able to track any visitor from social networks that generates an interaction and two and three interactions until they become a prospect and a customer, and you have to do this for each social network. In the end you should always know which social network gives you the mere return.4.

Stay flexible and versatileIf you measure the correct data, you will have to modify your campaigns, since each metric will give you information to modify what is being done. For this reason, you must be very flexible. Although a design and a tone and a message work very well, nothing tells you that another could not be better and this implies allowing you to constantly try new things. Yes, do some planning, but don't close yourself to creativity and the flexibility to try new things.5. Measure the social impact of your email subscribersSocial media is an excellent and measurable tool for growing your email list. Use a simple email signup form on your Facebook page and make sure your site and landing pages feed data to your CRM so that when you measure social media marketing, you do so through the full cycle. Email is a great opportunity to help attract social followers and new prospects. The ROI of email, when the piece is sent to people really linked to your company, is still positive.